A Workshop to Unlock Your Mind and Regain Your Spirit

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This workshop is designed to meet you at the level you are ready for. This is the perfect time to level up your mindset and advance in every way. You will participate in weekly meetings that have helped to elevate and hold yourself accountable along the way.

“I enjoyed our weekly calls, connecting with everyone, and learning from everyone else’s experience.” -Monty Buchanan, San Diego, California

The program is based on the amazon best seller; “Yoga and Life Empowerment” by Sid McNairy

Through this program you can join in weekly practices in meditation and yoga. This will allow you you to take a deeper dive into yourself through virtual classes at your pace. The Nahi System stands powerfully to support all who are looking to take steps along their journey

For those looking to add in a way to crush your physical body shifts to start the year we have “The Gut Cleanse.” This cleanse Consist of a 30 day program to help you not only clear up your body. It is a an added portion to help clear up you body mind and spirit. As we move through the last 30 day process everyone will dive deeper into process in order to clear out and propel forward.

Levels of participation

  • Level 1 - Group Meetings to live your best year ever. (6:30pm - 7:45pm)
  • Level 2 - Added weekly yoga classes and meditations to raise the level of your personal performance in life. (Set at your pace and schedule) (Includes Level 1)
  • Level 3 - 30 day detox formula to release all as you head into the New Year (Includes Level 1 and 2)
  • Level 4 - Start the year with individual coaching that has inspired others to reach their highest in life. Even a coach needs a coach and in Sid’s latest book “Those Who Know God” you learn that much of what is holding us back is from the programs running in our minds. Take this time to invest in you and gain the tools to elevate and move into your greatest self in every way.

No matter what Level you choose to participate in you are establishing a foundation for a new. Let’s build it strong and watch as we stand powerfully together. (All inclusive)