Now that you have the beautiful crystal in your hands, there might be a few questions in your head. On this page you can find answers to the most common questions about the Yoni egg practice. Pretty much all the information on the use of  the Yoni eggs summarized below can be applied to ben wa balls as well. If you cannot find the answer to your question after reading this page, please email us at AskUs@GrowHoney.com.

Yoni Eggs FAQ

What is the difference between drilled and undrilled eggs?
Which size is right for me?
How should I clean my yoni egg?
How often should I wear the egg?
Can I do exercises with my yoni egg?
How do I insert the egg?
How to expel the egg?
I cannot keep the egg inside, what should I do?
I do not feel the egg, is it normal?
The egg is stuck, what should I do?
What to do if the egg fell in the toilet?
Can I practice with kegel balls instead?
Who Should NOT be Practicing With a Yoni Egg
Using egg while pregnant or with an IUD
Should I use yoni egg while I am on my period?
Should I practice vaginal weight lifting?
My stone is cracked or started to peel. Can I still use it?

Yoni Egg and preexisting conditions
How to choose your first yoni egg

Secret Ceres FAQ

– How long will my Secret Ceres last?

Your Secret Ceres will last from 6 to 12 months, depending on the frequency of use. With each use the healing herbs and kaolin clay will be dissolved and absorbed causing it to gradually reduce in size.

– What is vaginal odor?

Vaginal odor is defined as an unpleasant smell, usually resulting from a pH imbalance which has allowed for proliferation of odour-causing microorganisms in the vagina. Vaginal odor may be fishy, sometimes signifying Bacterial Vaginosis, or yeasty, signifying a Yeast Infection.

– What is causing bad vaginal odor?

Vaginal odor is often the result of a vaginal pH imbalance and not necessarily because of bad hygiene but perhaps using the wrong products or chemical ingredients in products which can cause the imbalance and result in unpleasant odor. The optimal range of vaginal pH is 3.5 to 4.5, and when imbalanced, allows odour-causing microorganisms to flourish. This may lead to an unpleasant odor and even vaginal infections.

– Can I use Secret Ceres to get rid of vaginal odor?

Yes, Secret Ceres can help eliminate and prevent unpleasant vaginal odor. Maintaining a healthy vaginal pH can help ensure that the bacteria that is naturally present in your vagina is balanced and odor-causing microorganisms will be unable to flourish. The natural ingredients in Secret Ceres work by maintaining the pH levels inside the vagina in the optimal range and assisting the shedding of the dead skin cells of the vagina’s epithelial skin. You will notice a marked improvement or even total absence of unpleasant odor immediately after the first use.

– What does pH balance mean?

pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The pH of a certain substance is signified by a number from 0-14. The lower the number, the more acidic the substance. Distilled water is neutral, with a pH of 7.

– What is the normal pH balance for the vagina?

The ideal pH level in the vagina is between 3.5-4.5 (slightly acidic) and is important for maintaining good vaginal health. At this optimum pH level, your vagina contains a balance of necessary bacteria and some yeast cells. This delicate balance can be easily disturbed (by poor diet, chemical soaps, etc.) A healthy vaginal pH can be maintained by using Secret Ceres once a week or when an imbalance is most likely to occur.

– What is the Microflora?

The word “microflora” refers to the live microscopic organisms that populate different areas of the body, including the vagina and intestinal system. The beneficial ones act as protective agents and strengthen the immune system. There are also destructive strains which can weaken the body. It is important to maintain a proper balance of micro-flora where the beneficial organisms are dominant. This will keep the intimate area free from infections, inflammation, and other imbalances.

– Is Secret Ceres approved by the FDA?

Secret Ceres is a cosmetic, thus it is not approved by the Food & Drug Administration. In fact, neither are the majority of supplements or cosmetics that you find at Whole Foods or your local health food store. We select only the purest and most potent ingredients and manufacture Secret Ceres under the highest quality standards. All ingredients are regularly tested by state of the art labs in Germany to meet international regulations and guidelines.

– What can I do if Secret Ceres breaks inside me?

In the unusual event of Secret Ceres breaking inside of the vagina, please flex your PC muscle to push out the remaining piece. This is best achieved in a squatting position and while simultaneously pulling the piece out with your fingertips. Alternatively you may wait until the piece has dissolved into a soft paste, after approximately 24 hours, which you can wash out with plenty of warm water using your index finger. Taking a hot bath can help you torelax your vaginal muscles and will accelerate the process of dissolving Secret Ceres inside of you.

– Can I repair a broken Secret Ceres?

Yes, if your Secret Ceres cracks or breaks you can put the two halves under running, room-temperature water and hold them together until they fuse back into one piece. After this, your stone should work normally. Handle with extra care.

– Can I use Secret Ceres in the shower or bath?

Do not use in the shower or bath as the water will cause the stone to dissolve. After use, always carefully dry Secret Ceres with a towel.

– Should I wash my vagina with soap or shower gel after using Secret Ceres?

Please DO NOT use any soaps or washes in conjunction with Secret Ceres as the pH inside the vagina has now been perfectly balanced and chemical substances will have the opposite effect. Due to the perfectly balanced pH, odour causing bacteria and micro – organisms cannot grow and you will feel perfectly fresh and clean for the next few days until your next application.

Please do not clean Secret Ceres with soap, disinfectants or detergents. Secret Ceres is an entirely natural product and should not come into contact with chemical substances.

– I have a white tissue-like shedding after using Secret Ceres. Is that normal?

Yes, the “tissue kind of substance” you describe are the dead skin cells that will shed after using Secret Ceres. It is important to wash out any residue of the dead skin with plenty of water under the shower, by moving your index finger in a circular motion inside the vagina until it is perfectly clean inside. You will also want to wash between the outer labia with a wash cloth to remove any dead skin as the skin in that area will also shed there in a more subtle manner, but you will feel it once you use a washcloth. Please also use a scrub or a loofah sponge to exfoliate the skin of your entire body as the renewal of the overall skin has been activated by the application of Secret Ceres. Gradually you will notice a beautiful regenerative effect on your body’s skin as well. But since the skin on our bodies only regenerates every 27 days while the mucous skin renews within 24 hours, the effect will not be as instant as the shedding that can be noticed inside the vagina.

– Is Secret Ceres a rock or stone?

No. We sometimes refer to it as a “stone” because it has a stone-like appearance and feel to it. However it is not a rock or a stone. It is made with Kaolin clay, minerals, and many potent medicinal herbs.

– Does Secret Ceres dissolve?

Yes, with each use the healing herbs and kaolin clay will be dissolved and absorbed causing it to gradually reduce in size. Your Secret Ceres will last from 6 to 12 months, depending on the frequency of use.

– Can I use Secret Ceres during menstruation?

Do not use Secret Ceres in the vagina during menstruation.

– Can I use Secret Ceres if I have a severe medical condition?

Do not use if you have a prolapse of your uterus, a hysterectomy or any other severe medical condition.

Secret Ceres is a natural cosmetic product intended to enhance the condition of the skin and should at no time be used as a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis, prescription, or treatment.  Even if you do not have any medical conditions, always check with your doctor before using the Secret Ceres.

If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to after reading this page, please email us at AskUs@GrowHoney.com.