Should I practice vaginal weight lifting?

Vaginal weight lifting is kind of like CrossFit – some people swear by it, but if you have never worked out in your life you are probably at risk of trauma.

Vaginal weight lifting is an ancient practice and can indeed be very powerful! Women that choose to engage in this practice have usually been using yoni egg for at least a couple of years, know their bodies very well and feel a natural desire to add weights that emerges from their regular practice. Otherwise weight lifting can put you at risk of damaging delicate nerve wiring and muscles of your pelvic floor.

Yoni egg is a feminine practice, it is process and not goal oriented. Motivation behind wanting to be “better, faster, stronger” and to be able to lift excessive amounts of weights with your vagina can sometimes be driven by feeling that you need to compete with others, which is masculine in nature. Remember that you are already enough and whatever you choose to do enjoy the process.

Advanced yoni egg exercises can and should be practiced under the guidance of a pelvic specialist or yoni egg instructor.