Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal Service in Maryland

Are you looking for a free honey bee swarm removal service in your area? This is your lucky day, as we at Maryland Bee Farm, have what you’re looking for.

For inquiries, you may call us on our hotline (insert number). Note that this free service is only applicable to honey bee swarms. If the bees move to your building or establishment, there will be a charge for the removal process.

Here at Maryland Bee Farm, we provide you an excellent bee swarm removal process. We perform live removals without risking the bees with pesticides or chemicals, as we deploy only the highly-trained personnel to do the task. We ensure that bees and wasps are removed safely from trees, yards, and structures.

Never panic when there’s a bee swarm near your property. As long as you leave the honey bees alone, they won’t trigger any harm to you. The next step you should do is to call a beekeeper for delicate assistance. Since honey bee colonies’ figures are on a downward scale due to the use of pesticides and other pests, only 10% of the swarm population gets to survive when left to fend. Seeking a beekeeper will ensure that these bees are removed safely and given a new shelter for a higher survival chance.

If you’ll call our hotline, kindly provide us the following:

  • Your name
  • Contact number
  • Complete address and location of the bees
  • Provide a short description of the bee swarm. (Exact landmark, how high are they placed off the ground? Since when have they been in the spot?

Important Tips When Dealing with Honey Bee Swarms:

  1. Call a beekeeper as your first option for safe removal.
  2. Honey bees won’t attack you if you leave them alone.
  3. A part of bees’ reproductive cycle includes honey bee swarm.
  4. Spraying them with pesticides or water is not advisable. It may upset them and sting you.