Honey Bee Rescue

Grow Honey is a humane honeybee rescue company that opts for live removal, relocation, and revival at a protected bee sanctuary, Maryland Bee Farm, in lieu of extermination. Focused "Keeping Compassionately" in this age of extermination, our company rehabilitates and introduces gentle genetics to rescued hives creating healthy honey producing colonies that are vessels of knowledge to All.

Beekeepers Who Can Rescue Your Unwanted Bees



As beekeepers we work with honey bees but not other types of wasps and hornets. Before you call a beekeeper, please read the information below to determine whether you're dealing with honey bees or some other insect.

 This Is a Honey Bee

You'll notice this honey bee is fuzzy and amber and brown striped (not yellow and black). Not sure what you have? Only if it is safe to do so, text a photo (even of a dead one) to a Grow Honey beekeeper.

This Is NOT a Honey Bee

This is a yellow jacket. Yellow jackets are sometimes mistakenly referred to as "bees" given they are similar in size and sting, but they are actually wasps. Notice it is strikingly yellow and black in color and hairless.

Yellow jacket colonies become nuisances in the end of summer, but they will die over winter. If they are in a location where they are a problem, you can remove them by calling an exterminator. Some beekeepers will remove them for you, but others work only with honey bees. Again, you can text a photo to a beekeeper to confirm what you have, but only if it's safe to do so.



Choosing to have honeybees humanely rescued, opposed to exterminated, is an immediate opportunity to contribute to the protection and conservation of one of the planets most important species. Honeybee rescue and relocation is important for more reasons than preserving pollination power, it allows a honeybee specialist to fully remove the colony, and clean the occupied space while sealing the original entrance ensuring bees cannot re-colonize in that location.

Grow Honey offers live honeybee removal and relocation services for colonies of any size. From swarms, to the 20 year old hive in the attic space of your two-story home, to the wall of your office, we remove beehives in both simple and complex situations. We work with certified independent contractors to ensure your home or structure is restored.

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Grow Honey relocates each and every honeybee colony we rescue to our dedicated Maryland Bee Farm Sanctuary in the agriculturally dense, Brandywine Maryland. Here at this safe haven, they are carefully monitored and managed.



Our rescue and relocation practices allow and encourages the docile honeybee population to thrive and integrate itself back into normal daily life through our Backyard Beekeeping Programs and Corporate Maintenance Programs.