Corporate Beekeeping Services

Client goals are our goals. Grow Honey has tailored an urban beekeeping package that provides a hands off approach for our corporate partners to engage in keeping bees without the burdens that come with urban beekeeping.


Our package includes all required equipment, docile honeybees, and everything needed to accomplish property beekeeping goals. By working with property executives, engineers and managers, we create a powerful marketing tool by locating the most ideal hive placement to gain safe customer and employee connection to the beehives.


Monthly beehive maintenance is performed by our dedicated beekeeping staff and monitors hive health, productivity, and general well beeing of the colony. A full report of the colony and its status is then sent to the company contact.


Clients get the privilege of receiving 100% of the honey harvested from the hives without encroaching on the food stores of the bees. The amount of honey harvested from hives is dependent on maturity of the colony, available resources, and number of harbored colonies. On average, and urban beehive produces roughly 10 - 30lbs of honey annually without supplemental feed or encroaching on the honey stores needed to satisfy bees through the winter.

While many beekeeping companies find it acceptable to harvest all the honey from the hive in a season substituting their winter stores for sugar water, we found the honeybee health is greatly improved over the winter by allowing them to enjoy the nutrient rich honey from their summer labor.


As an additional feature to our corporate package, we offer proprietary honey packaging to satisfy in-room amenities, restaurant sweeteners, kitchen ingredients, wedding and corporate gifts, etc.


Pricing for our corporate packages is reflected in the number of hives desired, educational options, honey packaging, location, and arrangement and other factors. Please reach out for a consultation call or on-site visit! 

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