Vaginal Steam Stool made from hardwood hickory

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>>>> About the Yoni Steam Stool

The stool is made of sustainably harvested, hardwood Hickory, a very strong, durable hardwood, with no coating, stain, sealant, or glue. 

The seat is 11 1/4 inch wide with a 5.5 inch hole in the center. The legs are 10 inches tall and screw in to the base of the stool. The legs can be removed after each steam for transport or storage. 

The legs of the stool are set wide enough to allow a large pot, or even an electric burner to sit safely under the stool. 

Your stool will arrive disassembled. All you need to do is screw the legs into the wood cleats and you’re ready to go!

>>>> Safety

Weight limit 250 pounds. 

Always ensure your stool is on a level surface. Sit squarely in the center of the stool. Don't jump or scoot to adjust your position. Always exercise judgement and caution when around hot liquids. 

>>>> Using the Steam Stool

Your stool will come with a pamphlet to help you determine how long you should steam. 

Basic Method: Boil about 6 cups of clean water. Pour the water into a ceramic, glass, or metal bowl. Never use plastic - plastics contain hormone disrupting chemicals that can enter your body through the steam. Place the bowl under the stool so the steam rises to the hole. Undress and sit on the steam stool. You can steam naked or cover yourself with a light cloth. Steam for about 10 - 30 minutes. 

If you have any questions about the type of steam you should use for different conditions or how to select the right herbs email me any time at - make sure to mention that you purchased one of my stools for context!