Transformational Meditation Program

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Integrating Leading Edge, Hemispheric Brainwave Synchronization Audio Technology©️

As we enter a turning point for humanity's need to amplify the voices of truth, inter-connectedness and awakening to a greater reality of pure positive, integrative energies, Khonda Dance is presented to the public as a SPIRITUAL PATH towards experiential, spiritual understanding.

The TRANSMISSIONS are state of the art meditational journeys, designed to rewire your fundamental, human-3D operational system of survival so you can learn to FUNCTION from a more integrative and holistic way of being: YOUR TRUE SELF.

Each TRANSMISSION builds upon the one before to offer you a journey, an adventure, a path that will gradually increase the frequency of your vibration by rewiring your brain into higher understanding, self discovery, unity consciousness, soul actualization and THE REMEMBRANCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

The Journey has always been the destination and KHONDA DANCE IS A JOURNEY... AN AMAZING ADVENTURE!!!


This first module and meditation is the beginning of a beautiful and powerful adventure of awakening, of self empowerment, of remembrance, of the joy sparked by the visceral understanding of our true place within this universe, how this reality works and what life is truly all about. "Your life, Your Dream" is design to take you back to your unlimited, natural state of being, what we are aiming for and what this awakening is truly all about. TIME TO PLAY!

This meditation will challenge the current idea of who you are as you are guided to a place of oneness, inner peace and belonging - to open you to the fact that the illusion that our spirit and consciousness exists within our body, is just an awareness we have created as a result of the perspective from where we have been taught to see this reality; to the fact that our spirit does not literally inhabit our body, but our body and physical reality is but an extension of the beingness that we are, of the consciousness that we are.

Personality Integration is all about relationships, understanding the reflection. In this module you will be guided to the understanding that everything is a reflection of you and all the characters, all the different personalities that appear as separate beings in your life, are all truly simply different aspects of the totality of who you are. You will be invited to make peace with the different relationships in your life and learn to share this world, rooted from a place of love and joy instead of judgment and fear; the fact that if you want to change anything in your reality, you first have to change yourself.

This module is all about understanding darkness and making peace with fear. Through compassion and forgiveness, you will be guided to the experiential understanding that duality has been an essential element in our development as spirits having a human experience, but we cannot have true harmony and peace, if we don't learn to accept and validate all points of view, all ways of being; everything in our reality. We are not only ONE with everything that surrounds us, but everything comes from the same single source. Darkness is simply a lack of light.

In this module everything will come to full circle. It's all about remembering your true place in this universe, about the joy of creation and the understanding that we are all here on Earth, sharing this amazing adventure, where every concept, object, situation, relationship and interaction, is all the same one thing, manifesting from all the different points of view that oneness can manifest. An invitation to acquire the knowingness that we will never achieve peace and true harmony until we have the strength of each of the individual components to support the whole.