Sacred Medicine Healing Circle / Sacred Medicine Spirit (SMS Technique)

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Seize the day and open up to what is here for you. It is time to wake up and be free from the pains of the world that often takes many out. This is about you no matter where you are on your journey. This is for you, it is your because it was given to all of us before we ever came to be.

Transformation is possible!

Are you ready to receive it? Are you open to what is possible for you? What is it? The Energy Healing Circle is an opportunity for people of all ages to come and experience transformation and entering flow. When in the Energy Healing Circle, you will be uplifted by your spirit creating an environment for peace, meditation, and inspiration to occur. During this time through meditation, and energy work you will have an opportunity to heal yourself and move forward in every way you desire..It is your connection to the infinite source that will allow you to access a pure connection to all that is possible for you. Who is Sid McNairySid McNairy has been helping people achieve peace in their life for many years? Sid has taken the time to align himself to a vibration of healing himself that allows him to connect to the divine. Through his connection to the divine Sid is able to help others come into this same connection that transforms all dis-ease into peace and love. By aligning your energy to the divine you will be free; it is up to you and we can all use a helping hand. Come work with Sid and experience a transformation of your personal energy to one of being healed.