Sacred Medicine Ceremony

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Ceremony Highlights

  • Different Sacred Medicine Ceremonies (Sacred Mother, Sacred Father, Niños Santos and Sacred Grandfather etc)
  • Additional Plant Medicines offered for Deeper Healing and Integration (Hapé/Rapé, Sananga, Cacao and more)
  • Kambo Detox (Optional)
  • Guided Breathwork & Meditation
  • Live Music & Sound Healing
  • Yoga & Embodiment Practices
  • Silence Ceremony
  • Ceremonial Intention Setting through
  • Emotional Release and Manifestation Rituals
  • Group Sharing Circles
  • Post-Retreat Integration Support
  • 1:1 Shamanic Consultations
  • Oracle/Card readings
  • Comfortable, modern, indoor accommodations
  • Fresh Juice and Vegetarian Meals prepared daily
  • Beautiful Setting to Connect with Mother Nature and Local Wildlife
  • Invitation to a Community of People Seeking Personal Growth and Transformation


This is the DEPOSIT for your sacred healing.  Details and next steps will follow based on the email or flyer you received.