Kambo Sovereign Workshop

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This workshop is for you to learn about the medicine and how to apply the medicine to yourself for healing

Kambo is a powerful medicine from the Amazon - the skin secretion of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog phyllomedusa bicolor. This secretion is applied directly into the lymphatic system via burn gates in the epidermis using traditional methods used by tribal people for thousands of years.


Our first concern with kambo is always safety - and when proper safety precautions are observed this medicine is extremely safe. Because of our concern for your safety we do have a list of contraindications as well as a list of cautions:

• Pregnant or breast feeding mothers with babies under one year
• Stroke, aneurysm, brain hemorrhage, blood clots
• Serious heart conditions, including surgeries or an enlarged heart
• Extremely low blood pressure that is controlled by medication
• Recent surgery or serious wounds, externally or internally not fully healed
• History of serious head injury resulting in blood on the brain
• History of rupture or injury of the esophagus
• Chemotherapy or radiation treatments 4weeks prior or 6months following
• Recent user of diuretics or immunosuppressant medications
• History of serious mental health conditions, except for depression
• Cognitive disorders preventing the understanding of kambo

• Severe eating disorders
• Menstrual flow OK, but will increase for 24-36 hours
• Alcohol or recreational drugs within 24 hours
• Certain herbal or nootropic (smart drug) supplements
• Asthma OK, but must have an inhaler present
• Diabetes OK, but fasting exceptions made if required
• If you have any major acute or chronic mental or physical illness please consult with practitioner

This workshop will have a limit of 8 participants because we want to give everyone lots of personal attention during their treatment. We will be doing introductory treatments of 3 points of kambo. 3 points is often perfect for your first experience as it is strong enough for a complete effect and benefits but not overwhelming - this teaches you to work with kambo in the best way so that the next treatment you can go deeper if you wish.

We will begin by covering some basic info about kambo and Amazonian curanderismo. We will then check in with everyone to confirm health history, current health and intentions for the ceremony.

Day 2 each one participant will receive a treatment - each treatment will likely last 20-30 minutes. With this smaller amount of kambo most people will purge still, but it is possible you may not purge. There will be a good cleansing and connection with the medicine. Even a smaller treatment like this can be challenging and powerful - this is a serious medicine with powerful healing capabilities and people who show up ready to embrace the medicine will get the most out of the ceremony. The ceremony will also offer optional treatments with Rapé.


It is helpful if you can also include your intention for working with kambo and any health issues you may have - being totally honest about your health and any medications you may be on is vitally important for your safety in the ceremony. Kambo is safe when used correctly but there are a few situations where kambo may be contraindicated or need special care.

Items included:

[] PDF training guide 

[] Kambo Sovereign Kit