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Hand-Crafted Bamboo Kuripe

Hand-Crafted Bamboo Kuripe

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Carefully hand-crafted kuripes by Colibri Healing. Made in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Hapé is an amazonian snuff used in ceremony. Ususally, the process involves a shaman using a "tepi" pipe to blow rapé into the nostrils of another person. The kuripe is a self-applicator for hapé.

Sit in solitude or in a ceremonial circle with your kuripe. If sitting with others, having your own kuripe will be cleaner.

Typically, one sits in silence with rapé. It is a "grounding" herb that aids in meditation. Use with intention, as these herbs are quite strong.

We offer discounts for bulk orders and custom amounts. Please dm for details if interested.

For offerings of hapé to use with this kuripe, please visit the GrowHoney Website.
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