Apiary Management Services

The need for naturally reinvigorating our world is a key to sustainable living with beekeeping has grown increasingly popular in the last decade. Grow Honey empowers the private real estate owner, commercial buildings, and the hospitality industry to procure 100% natural, local honey, from beehives on site. Grow Honey hands off approach lets us do the work, while you get the HONEY! Our goal is to package all these benefits into one larger program allowing full marketability of apiary adoption.


The old paradigm that bees are dangerous has shifted and so have we. With a falling honeybee population, accurate education supporting the future growth of honeybees is vital to the planet's food source. We strive to move away from commercial beekeeping and unnatural, large scale, honeybee transportation by educating the public of its backyard viability. Grow Honey offers pathways to achieve educational goals through:

  • Classroom Education (all ages)

  • Hands on trainings inside the hive

  • Partnerships with Local Elementary Schools


Property sourced honey and bee products open the doors to further integrate into the community with small scale collaborations while maximizing ROI. Additionally, it caters to the trend of "locally sourced goods" becoming a double edged marketing tool. We facilitate relationships to industry partners in order to create exclusive proprietary honey based products that can bee monetized through normal business practices.

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients for kitchen & bar operations to develop signature menu items

  • Alcohol Distillers - Collaborations to create specialty spirits, barrel aged, or batch cocktails

  • Beer Brewers - ability to serve honey centric draft or bottled beer with local breweries

  • In Room and Spa Amenities


Our program is built to support a hands off approach for hospitality professionals who do not yet have experience in keeping bees. To skip the learning curve and to preserve as much of the hives hard work, we handle all honey harvesting as a part of the program and will bottle honey, to FDA standards, at an additional cost.


As an environmental program focused on sustainability, we source all our beehives from the Maryland Bee Farm Sanctuary that cares for rescued beehives that were in danger of extermination and have been recognized as docile honeybees.


For customers in the process of becoming LEED Certified by the USBCG, Onsite apiary management qualifies a property to derive additional credits in the application process.

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