Residential Beekeeping Services

Our Full Service Backyard Beekeeping Program and Residential Beekeeping Services are designed to provide residents with all the benefits of keeping happy healthy bees without the learning curve to get there. Each of our programs are built to meet You where You are at with a number of options and is designed to suit You.

Our most comprehensive service package comes with everything needed to harbor bees safely and successfully. It is ideal for anyone that wants to experience the full benefits of beekeeping while rebuilding our environment without the burden of the work. If you know you want bees but travel frequently or simply don't have the time to fully dive into beekeeping, we got you covered!

We understand the questions and complexities that exist with wanting to have bees and are here to answer those questions, provide our insight, guidance, and direction every step of the way. From installation to honey harvesting and packaging, Whether you want to learn beekeeping yourself, or ensure the existence of healthy and happy bees in a harmonious environment, Grow Honey is here to help.

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