Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost for beekeeping services?

  • Full residential beekeeping services plus the cost of the hive itself is $3,000 per hive for the first year. A $1,500 non-refundable deposit.

  • Should you want the hive installed on a rooftop, balcony, or rigged to mount on extremely uneven ground there will be an additional fee of $575.

  • The cost for routine servicing of the hives for the first year is included in the initial fee.

  • After the first year, the cost for our servicing of the hive or hives will be $2,700 per year per hive.

  • The price will vary depending on the hive count ordered. A two-year commitment is recommended for optimal bee health and hive development.

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Do you offer nucleus hives and how are they different?

  • Nucleus hives allow you to transfer bees into beehives and start their own colonies.

  • We offer a 5-frame nucleus hive for $295, which includes the required $100 deposit. The nucleus hives come with 3 frames of brood (baby bees), one laying Queen, all of her workers, and 2 frames of honey to feed the bees.

  • Nucleus hives can only carry 5 frames and do not include any supers (larger wooden bee boxes) or any other equipment for the next stage to transfer to the main hive such as inner covers, outer covers, queen excluders, etc. Other equipment can be purchased separately through us.

  • Our nucleus hives will be available starting in mid-June.

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What if something happens to my hive?

  • A guarantee of live, healthy honeybees is included in this full-service package. This covers both the replacement of your queen, were she to die or become sick, along with the replacement of your entire colony.

  • Hive deaths do occur due to a myriad of diseases, Colony Collapse Disorder, and pesticides. Should this happen, Grow Honey will replace your bees as soon as bees are available. Grow Honey cannot, of course, be held responsible for acts of nature that destroy your hive.