What is the difference between drilled and undrilled eggs?

A drilled egg has a hole in it you can put a string through that will allow you to pull the egg out by command or attach a weight to. The drilled eggs could be used without a string as well.

If you chose a drilled egg, first thing you need to do before practicing is to string it. We recommend using the unwaxed dental floss for the string because it is hygienic and disposable (can be ordered online). You can also use a fishing line as an alternative. Choose the drilled egg if you are more comfortable knowing that you can take the egg out at any time. It can also be handy to have a string when go to the bathroom in case the egg decides to come out. Urinate as usual and hold on to the string. It is very important to completely relax your muscles when you use the bathroom. If the egg comes out it means that you probably had enough exercise for today and it is time to rest.

Some women prefer undrilled eggs because it is easier to clean the undrilled egg after each use. The yoni egg is not just a kegel exercise tool. It is a sacred object that is here to help you with physical and emotional healing and transformation. It is here to help you learn something new about yourself and in order to learn you need to listen carefully. Crystals are the elements of earth they come from and each egg has a personality. If the egg stays inside you for longer than you want and expect, please relax and remember that it is doing the healing work you purchased it to do. Learning to trust the process and let go of control sometimes can be one of the most important things for happy fulfilling life and relationships.

That being said most importantly trust your intuition and if you are not comfortable with the undrilled egg just now, start off with a drilled one. With practice you will learn to expel the egg by command!